What makes Peppa pig my first tri-scooter special?

Whenever your children will take their first step you will start getting new things for them that would suit their age. The exact same thing happened to me as well. I got Peppa pig my first tri-scooter and it was pretty amazing. But what makes this tri-scooter super special for me?

Things that made my Peppa pig my first tri-scooter special

Here are the things that made my first tri-scooter special and better than all other tri-scooters that my mates had:

1. Height worked for me

I enjoyed playing on the Hedstrom seesaw but the best toy I ever had was my first tri-scooter because I didn’t have to face any problems while riding it. The height of the tri-scooter was adjustable so I learned to adjust its height. I also had other riding toys but I always ended up not liking them because of their height.

Not all the tri-scooters come with this kind of feature. My first tri-scooter had this feature so I never faced any problems while riding. With my growing height, I used to adjust it so I don’t have to get a new tri-scooter.

2. Best balance on the anti-slip footplate

In my backyard, I had my own kickmaster goal and a Hedstrom seesaw but I really enjoy riding my tri-scooter. Actually, it has an anti-slip footplate so I never find it hard to ride it. My mates had their tri-scooters but their footplates were quite slippery. It caused them to face different injuries. I never needed any help to balance on the footplate because of the anti-slip feature.

So, one of the best features of my tri-scooter was its anti-slip footplate and I never had any slippery accidents. Plus the wheels helped me to have a great balance. The footplate was pretty colorful and I really got attracted to it. Kids get attracted to vibrant shades and may it was one of the reasons why to find my first tri-scooter really special and more attractive than any other tri-scooter of my fellows.

3. Had a great grip on handles

Grips really matter when you start riding a new toy. I had a great grip on the handles so it was never tough for me to handle my first tri-scooter. This feature made my tri-scooter a safe ride. Parents always get worried for their kids because balancing on a tri-scooter is not easy.

There is no way I ever find it hard to have a grip on the handles or my hands got slipped while riding it. The quality of the handles was pretty great and it made up the experience of my first tri-scooter really special. It was taking my first step but without any help. I was on my own and enjoying my first steps. After that I got a kickmaster goal installed in my backyard as well.

 The final word

You can set up a backyard playground for your little ones where you can have a Hedstrom seesaw, kickmaster goal, and a Peppa pig my first tri-scooter. Your kids don’t have to go anywhere outside as they can have quality playing time in their backyard.